Josh McCosker Plumbing - Emergency Plumber

About Us

Josh McCosker & team are available for any plumbing job. If it's about plumbing, then we can do the job right and on time. Josh lives in Inverell and has a reputation for reliability and quality plumbing work.

Based in Inverell, we provide our plumbing services across the New England area, including:


Our services include:

    General plumbing
    Roof plumbing
    Gas fitter
    LP Gas Fitter
    Solar hot water systems
    Thermo Mixing Valves
    Farm retriculating water systems
    Emergency Plumbing Call outs

Contact Information

Don't hesitate to get in touch:

Name: Josh McCosker Plumbing - Emergency Plumber

Address: Inverell, NSW, 2360

Phone: 0427 477 559

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